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Multileaf Lettuce vs. Salanova®

While Salanova® is a proprietary variety from Rijk Zwaan, there are also other varieties available with similar characteristics. The various Multileaf varieties from Nunhems/Bayer are widely used and provide an excellent alternative to this highly specialized market.

Here you will find comparable varieties to the Salanova® Range.

Multileaf Lettuce vs Salanova Types

Multigreen 1 , Multigreen 60, Multiblond 56 and Multiblond 101

  • Very fine curled, compact
  • Brilliant green color
  • Thick curled leaves

Green Incised


Multigreen 57 or Finstar

  • Crispy texture
  • Medium Curly
  • Upright growth
  • Uniform size

Green Sweet Crisp


 Multired 4

  • Dark red compact plant
  • Medium thick leaves
  • Nice curliness and uniformity

Red Incised


Multired 54

  • Double red, spiky type multileaf
  • Deeply incised leaves
  • small cut points

Red Sweet Crisp

Trio Concept – x3 Seeds Per Plug

Multiblond 2

  • Compact, finely curled
  • Brilliant blond color
  • Thick curly leaves
+ lettuce-samples-multigreen57

Multigreen 57 or

Multigreen 1

  • Unique emerald green multileaf
  • Compact, medium sized
  • Shiny green leaves
+ samples-coming-soon

Multired 4

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