Multired 55 Multileaf Lettuce, pelleted seed


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Multired 55 is a very stable triple red multileaf type

This compact medium sized is well suited to whole head and mixed salad operations. It produces very uniform leaves for bagged salad and a well shaped head for farmers market and restaurant outlets.

Multired 55 is a later maturing variety with low vigor  but has very good tipburn tolerance and excellent resistance to bolting that gives it a very good harvest window. Multired 55 is suitable for year round production but may be slow in a cold winter

High Disease Resistances (HR) Bl: 1-31;
Use Salad Mix; Whole Head

Unlike field varieties that are widely sold for use in greenhouse, these varieties are smaller framed allowing for higher plant populations with exceptional rates of growth that mean plants reach maturity much more quickly.

This variety is available as untreated, pelleted seed only