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Herbs and Microgreens

Herbs and Microgreens (micro greens) are a form of young edible greens produced from vegetable, herb or other plants. They range in size from one to one and a half inches long, including the stem and leaves. Several types of Microgreens are available to purchase online at Paramount Seeds, including Basil, Arugula, Cabbage Bok Choi, Celery, Rainbow Chard, Bouquet Dill, Purple Vienna Kohlrabi, Sango Radish and more!
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SKU: OMDKOP1/82 oz seed
SKU: OMDKOP1/41/4 lb seed
SKU: OMDKOP11 lb seed
SKU: OMDKOP55 lb seed
50,000 seeds
100,000 seeds
1.0 Million seeds
SKU: EZELID5050,000 seeds
SKU: EZELID100100,000 seeds
SKU: EZELID500500,000 seeds
SKU: EZELID1.01.0 Million seeds
SKU: EZEMIL50T50,000 seeds
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SKU: EZEMIL100T100,000 seeds
SKU: EZEMIL500T500,000 seeds
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SKU: EZEMIL1.0T1.0 Million seeds
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SKU: EZEMIL5050,000 seeds

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SKU: EZEMIL100100,000 seeds
SKU: EZEMIL500500,000 seeds
SKU: EZEMIL1.01.0 Million seeds
SKU: OMGENO1/82 oz seed
SKU: OMGENO1/41/4 lb seed
SKU: OMGENO11 lb seed
SKU: OMGENO55 lb seed
SKU: EZGENVS50T50,000 seeds
SKU: EZGENVS100T100,000 seeds
SKU: EZGENVS500T500,000 seeds
SKU: EZGENVS1.0T1.0 Million seeds

1 in stock

SKU: EZGENVS5050,000 seeds
SKU: EZGENVS100100,000 seeds
SKU: EZGENVS500500,000 seeds
SKU: EZGENVS1.01.0 Million seeds
SKU: OMBASLLT1/41/4 lb seed
SKU: OMBASLLT1/82 oz seed
SKU: OMBASLLT11 lb seed
SKU: OMBASLLT55 lb seed
SKU: OMBASLM1/41/4 lb seed
SKU: OMBASLM1/82 oz seed
SKU: OMBASLM11 lb seed
SKU: OMBASLM15 lb seed
SKU: JSNUFA1/82 oz pack
SKU: JSNUFA1/41/4 lb pack
SKU: JSNUFA11 lb pack
SKU: JSNUFA55 lb pack
SKU: EZROSI5050 gram seed
SKU: EZROSI100100 gram seed
SKU: EZROSI500500 grams seed
SKU: EZROSI1.01 kg seed
SKU: OMCHER1/41/4 lb seed
SKU: OMCHER1/82 oz seed
SKU: OMCHER11 lb seed
SKU: OMCHER55 lb seed
SKU: OMDILL1/41/4 lb seed
SKU: OMDILL1/82 oz seeds
SKU: OMDILL11 lb seed
SKU: OMDILL55 lb seed
SKU: OMFENN1/41/4 lb seed
SKU: OMFENN1/82 oz seed
SKU: OMFENN11 lb seed
SKU: OMFENN55 lb seed