Original Solo Sunrise Papaya Seed


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Sunrise is #1 in world production and grows well in most tropical conditions. Trees can produce up to 100 fruits per year. Solo Sunrise was originally developed for International export from Hawaii. 

*Seed labeled Minimum 75% is the standard.

Some seed may be labeled as 60% germ. In this case x2 packs will be supplied for each one pack ordered to make up for expected germination.

(ie order 1 x 10 grams and  receive 2 x 10 grams) . 


Usual, Minimum germination 75%. Origin: Hawaii .

 No virus tolerance

Fruit is very sweet and has a hard outer shell, which is very good for shipping.
Papaya Germination instructions

*Seed count is +/- 47,000/kg (10 grams packs have +/- 470 seeds)

*Note: Seed count is approximate and can vary 10-20% higher or lower depending on seed lot and production year.