Beaufort F1 Tomato Rootstock (Non-pelleted seed)


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Beaufort (Non-pelleted)

For many years already, Beaufort has been the standard tomato rootstock but is shortly to be phased out in favor of DR0138TX

The superior vigor and cold tolerance of the variety give added vigor to crops, in soil as well as rock wool. The Corky Root resistance is much higher than can be expected in cultivars and the rootstock Beaufort is the obvious choice for soils with Corky Root infestation.

Beaufort has an extremely strong root system  which branches very strongly. This results in a very strong plant.

Beaufort is recommended for soil crops and aubergine.

Tomato Grafting Guidelines

Resistances: TmC5VF2FrNK

Seed is Untreated, primed 
May not be suitable for Organic Production please verify with your OG Certifier.