Climono F1 Truss Tomato


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Climono Is a large fruit TOV variety with consistent setting of fruit with uniform size and shape sequence on the truss. Climono is very strong against powdery mildew

  • Good setting ability with vigorous flower development
  • Produces high-quality clusters with consistent fruit size and ripening speed
  • Yield potential matches or outyields current commercial varieties available
  • 150 gram AFW across the season

Technical Data

Plant Characteristics
Strong plant with good generative growth

Fruit Characteristics
Uniform, nice red and high round fruit

Fruit Color

Approx. Weight at Trial (g)
150 g

Disease Resistance
HR: Ff: A-E / Fol: 0-1 / For / TMV:0 / ToMV: 0-2 / Va / Vd; IR: On