Ferreira F1 Beefsteak Tomato


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New Introduction

Ferreira F1 Ferreira is an early producing beef tomato hybrid for loose harvest with high yield potential, good quality fruits, good uniformity and Intermediate Resistance to ToBRFV.
Average fruit weight of 250-260 grams.

Intermediate Resistance to ToBRFV. Generative plant with an open plant habit with moderate Vigor. Ferreira is an early fruit producing hybrid. Good fruit quality throughout the crop cycle.

Brix potential 5
Suitable for fall plantings and year round production environments

Variety Datasheet

Disease Resistance:
(HR) ToMV:0-2,ToTV,Fol:1-3,For,Pf:A-E,Sbl,Sl,Ss,Va:1,Vd:1

(IR) ToBRFV,TSWV:0,On,Ma,Mi,Mj

Seed from this supplier is Untreated as standard (Primed seed)