Galina F1 (HA3019) Beefsteak Tomato


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Galina F1

A high yield, suitable for open field bush or stacking.

Vigor: Medium
Maturity: Very early
Picking: Loose
Fruit shape: Globe
Recommended growing system: Open field staking and bush

Planting season: Summer, Autumn
Fruit Fruit type: Medium round
Fruit weight (gr.): 150-180
Color: Red
Shelf life: 1 week
Firmness: Firm
Resistances: HR: Vd, Fol (race 1) ToMV

Standard pack size for this variety is 25,000 seed, 5,000 seed or 1,000 seed units. Seed is supplied in original breeding company packaging (Hazera) for orders in multiples of 5,000 seeds.  For orders less than 5,000 seeds it will be repackaged into Paramount Seeds Packaging.