Red Matador F1 Papaya Seed


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Red Flesh, Selection from Red Maradol. Very uniform fruit. Excellent interior quality, Uniform yield. Developed for export. Avg size: 1.5-2.5 kgs, 66% herm/33% female.

The average seed count of  RED MATADOR is approx 44,000 seeds per Kg ( /-440 seeds per 10 gram pack). Seed counts can vary 15-20% with different seed lots.

Uniform yield. Developed for export.

Papaya Germination instructions

*Seed count is +/- 44,000/kg (10 grams packs have +/- 440 seeds)

*Note: Seed count is approximate and can vary 10-20% higher or lower depending on seed lot and production year.

Seed is Untreated as standard