Winmar RZ (24-226) Long Dutch Cucumber


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Winmar RZ is a real winter variety. The best planting period is from 1 October until 10 December. The plant is less light sensitive and there is a very nice balance in vigour and fruit setting.

In comparison with the standard variety from the last year:
Winmar RZ can be planted in the same window. The benefits of Winmar RZ are a higher yield and a bit more balanced plant. The crop is a bit more generative and open. The fruit setting a little bit more easy. We will advise a temperature regime with a little bit less pre-night then you normally did before. For grading this variety is M and L. Sizes S and XL are very limited.

Easy fruit setting under low light conditions
• Against burned heads
• Strong against Pythium
• Good fruit quality throughout growing season
• Has deep ribbing with a good shine and colour
• Fruit size ranges: medium to large

Resistances: HR:Cca/Ccu  IR: Px(ex Sf)