Multired 54 F1 Multileaf Lettuce, pelleted seed

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Multired 54 is a double red spiky type multileaf with deeply incised leaves and very small cut points.

This compact type keeps leaves small and yields well producing compact heads with good vigor, excellent tipburn tolerance and fair bolting tolerance.

High Disease Resistances (HR) Bl: 1-31; Nr: 0
Use Salad Mix; Whole Head

Variety Benefits
High number of uniform small leaves with small cut points give high recovery rate, for salad mixes with excellent shelf life

These “MULTi” types of lettuce are similar to the Salanova or Artisan types. Leaves are joined low at the base of the plant so the lettuce head can be prepared with a single cut – a real favorite at restaurants and local produce markets.

Unlike field varieties that are widely sold for use in greenhouse, these varieties are smaller framed allowing for higher plant populations with exceptional rates of growth that mean plants reach maturity much more quickly.

This variety is available as untreated, pelleted seed only