Scamander F1 Crystal Lettuce (RZ CL5001) Pelleted seed


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Crystal Lettuce Scamander F1 (RZ CL5001)


Intense quadruple red crystal lettuce

Scamander RZ is a red crystal lettuce for use at higher plant density: toddler, teenleaf and salatrio. It has rather crispy, smooth leaves. Scamander RZ has a dark red colour even in low light conditions. Intense red leaf colour.  Easy to handle and machine harvestable
Good performance in high-density cultivation. Year-round hydroponic production

Average crop weight 200 grams
Wholehead size Average
Cultivation method Indoor hydroponics, Plant factory
Average growing cycle 35-50 days
Market destination Processing, Fresh market
Cultivation season Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Year-round
Resistance (HR) Bl:29-40EU/Pb
Resistance (IR) LMV:1/Fol:1

Seed from this supplier is Untreated as standard - Pelleted seeds