DR0603TC F1 Cherry Tomato


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One of the best tasting cherry, plum tomatoes.

DR0603TC F1  is a very versatile variety for loose or truss harvest. Excellent yield potential (same or higher than sweetelle) with excellent taste. Fruit has a smooth skin with a beautiful  uniform presentation on a truss with medium plant vigor. Good taste, nice color, labor friendly

For long crops grafting is strongly recommended for optimum results. DR0603TC also shows good potential under artificial lights.

Rootstock recommendations:

Short Crop DR0141TX / Multifort / Maxifort

Long Crop: DR0141TX / Multifort

HR: ToMV: 0-2/ToTV/Ff:A-E/ Fol:1,2/Va:a/Vd:1 IR: Ma/Mi/Mj/On

Average Fruit weight: grams 14 (1/2 oz)