Spinach - Sunangel F1 (Untreated seed)

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Sunangel F1 (51-719) Spinach (Untreated seed)

A semi savoy spinach variety, Carmel type. Dark green leaves with good consistent production and high downy mildew resistance. Sunangel can make a good addition to your growing selections.

More upright than most other semi savoy varieties, Sunangel still has the characteristically robust and heavy leaves, with a dark green color, and excellent factory performance. The upright nature, in combination with uniform leaves results in small amounts of cut leaf, and a very high yield potential. Best suited to babyleaf production in shoulder seasons, Sunangel RZ has a strong disease resistance package, and excellent cool season vigour, meaning that it performs equally well heading into and out of the cold weather.

Key features:
- Semi savoy leaf type
- Very high yield potential, robust leaves, dark green color
- Suitable for baby leaf production in shoulder season

Resistances:  HR: Pe:1-9,11-19/Sv  IR: Pe:10

Seed is Untreated as standard.