Multifort F1 Tomato Rootstock (Pelleted Seed)


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Multifort F1

Also available as Multifort Non-Pelleted seed (click here)

Plant: vigor like Maxifort, amongst the strongest available in commercial rootstocks. Combination of high resistance to Fusarium race 3 combined with nematodes resistance makes the Multifort rootstock an excellent choice for soil grown crops.

Using a strong rootstock can expand the life of the plant and increase the average fruit weight.

Multifort is recommended where 'Fusarium 3' resistance is required.

Tomato Grafting Guidelines - click

Resistances: TmC5V FrN(P)Pto

Seed is Untreated, primed and pelleted
May not be suitable for Organic Production please verify with your OG Certifier.

Tomato seed from this supplier is untreated as standard