Multigreen 3 F1 Multileaf Lettuce, pelleted seed

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A more coarsely Multy type, Short Day. Good vigor with good compactness, medium bolting and very good weight.

Nice green color and nice round shape of plant.  Good thick leaves. Good uniformity and medium volume. Very high number of leaves.

These "MULTi" types of lettuce are similar to the Salanova or Artisan types. Leaves are joined low at the base of the plant so the lettuce head can be prepared with a single cut - a real favorite at restaurants and local produce markets.

Unlike field varieties that are widley sold for use in greenhouse, these varieties are smaller framed allowing for higher plant populations with exceptional rates of growth that mean plants reach maturity much more quickly.

Resistance: Bl1-25

Lettuce seed from this supplier is untreated as standard.