SV0948TS F1 Cherry Tomato


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SV0948TS F1 is a yellow cherry tomato hybrid with good taste, good plant habit and a nice bright color. It is suitable for harvest separately or as a spray. SV0948TS has a vigorous plant with good leaf coverage at the top Grafting is recommended for best results

15-20 grams


  • Fruits of good quality and bright golden color
  • Good sweet taste
  • Strong plant type
  • Suitable for loose and truss harvest

DISEASE RESISTANCE (HR) ToMV:0-2 /ToTV / Ff:A-E /Fol:1,2 / Va:1 /Vd:1

Rootstock recommendations:

Short Crop  Multifort / Maxifort

Long Crop: DR0141TX / Multifort  / Maxifort